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If you are not familiar with Ranma 1/2 or even Japanese anime in general this page will seem like little more than gobbledygook (Yes, it is a word!) to you.  Do yourself a favor and head over to Anipike and open up a whole new world!  :D   Also, you can learn a great deal from my wife's page -

Welcome!  I concentrate on the romantic side of the Ranma 1/2 - specifically his romance with one of the Tendo sisters.  Yes, the sisters - I do not write romances between Ranma and Soun, despite several requests I have received.  And, yes, any one of them...  Not just Akane!  I have been intrigued by the fics which have Ranma ending up with either Nabiki or Kasumi.  Sooo... here we go.  Let me know what you think...

21 Jan 2003 - Dropped most of the external links.  Just archiving my own work now.


You don't have to look hard to find stories where Ranma and Akane end up together.  :)

Here, I offer up my first fanfic.  When you do what Nabiki did in the last volume of the manga, how do you go about "Repairing the Damage."  Somewhat cleaned up, but still very much a Freshman attempt, expect the usual errors and weak development, and you may not be too disappointed.  Compare it to the original version here.

Well, I don't have a dead stories page, so this one will remain here for now, but I would not expect any updates on this.  This is another alternate universe fic, or "What if..?" fic as I like to call them.  Mousse plays a very significant role, so the prololgue is mainly about him, but Ranma and Co. come in quickly.  Have a look at what I now call "New Dealer, New Hand" - formerly &quotAdopting and Adapting." :)


I really like Nabiki with Ranma.  Like several of the writers in this section point out, I think they could find a lot in common.  If you are really interested in Nabiki and Ranma getting together, check out The Nabiki and Ranma Relationship Archive.  The page includes lots of links to some great stories and is updated fairly often.  

"A Deft Touch" This seems to be a much better read than my first fic, or so they are telling me.  The story involves Ranma starting over over after he loses Akane.  It starts out sad and hopefully lightens up a bit as we go along, but it is a serious fic overall.  I have received lots of great feedback, and I thank you all for your encouragement!  I have combined the chapters into a single file to make things easier to read, and I have also included some minor revisions.  Enjoy!

I've started on a rather meandering follow-up to "Deft Touch."  Here is part or Week 1 of "Nabiki's Diary."


I know some people just cringe to think about Kasumi and Ranma together, or for some just Kasumi with anyone other than Tofu, but these can be quite fun.  For other fics along these lines, there is now a Church of Kasumi and Ranma with several fics.  Check it out!

Best of Ranma Fanfiction Awards logo After several requests for equal treatment, I wrote a Kasumi fic.  The story tied for Second Place for March 1999!  Who'd have figured? :) "Special Delivery" starts at a grave site (NO, I did not kill Akane off again!) and well, I guess I should just let Kasumi tell you what happens..

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